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Angel Fulla. Founder, direction and trainer


Vault houses. Eco building New Earth Uk and Domoterra training

Iliona Khalili teaching Angel Fulla,VAULT HOUSES. Training course organice by Domoterra in collaboration with New Earth Uk, Instituto de Bioconstrucción y Sostenibilidad Domoterra. Monroyo (Teruel)

Quique Salgado ( Domoterra) teaching Angel Fulla in  Superadobe

Technique -Dome  El Jardín de Gaia, Madrid, El Escorial

Founder of African Angara. Angel is an experienced Earth-Bag instructor, and constructor of Architecture in Earth, with several years of independent project work in Africa. He received his initial years of training in Sustainable Earth Architecture at the Institute of Eco Building and Sustainability Domoterra, Spain, including Vaulted House Technique with Iliona Khalili, New Earth UK, and Ceramic Technique by the Japanese master Masakazu Kusakabe, Japanese enamels and furnace construction "Smokeless kiln" (Oven Smokeless)


Formado en Bio Construcción Arquitectura en Tierra , Arquitectura Sostenible,  por el Instituto de Bioconstrucción y Sostenibilidad Domoterra, España.

Formado en Bio Construcción - Casas Abovedadas por Iliona Khalili NEW EARTH UK

Formado en Cerámica por el maestro japonés Masakazu Kusakabe, esmaltes japoneses y construcción del horno “Smokeless kiln” (Horno sin humo).


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